Wedding Venue Newcastle

"What is in a manor venue? That which we call a wedding would be just as perfect if hosted by any other place", said no one ever.

The appeal of a manor wedding looks easy to replicate from the outside looking in. Nobody knows just how much of a fairytale experience it is until they have one. As far as manor weddings go individually, Shotton Grange is one of the best manors you could decide to wed in.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our accommodation options are top-notch

We have eleven rooms which, altogether, can accommodate 22 people. Amongst these rooms, a bridal suite with a personal dressing room is included. In addition to this, there is an adjoining cottage which can accommodate an extra six guests.

We have enough capacity

Our venue entertains up to 110 daytime guests and 200 evening guests.

You have access to our bars and dining facilities

We have on hand, world-class chefs that would design a menu specifically constructed to make your taste buds explode in delight. You also get access to our bars and some of the finest liquors from all over the world.

We have an in-house Master of Ceremony

You do not have to worry about finding someone who can keep guests engaged all through the wedding and reception without putting their foot in their mouth. We have a Master of Ceremony who has hosted various kinds of events and has very considerable experience. You and your guests would be impressed by their elocution.

You would be allowed more than one wedding and reception area

You do not have to be limited to a certain space for the ceremony. Our manor provides three ceremony options for you to choose from. You can decide to wed within the beautiful coach house, al fresco in the scenic walled garden, or on the front lawn surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Your wedding has a default coordination

You do not have to undergo the hassle of planning and decorating and doing all sorts when you should be focusing on the love of your life and family and friends who came as well-wishers. We have a schedule laid down for you – do not be bothered, though, for it is your right to tweak it as much as you want until it meets your satisfaction. A breviary of the wedding plan:

  • You start by booking the ceremony through Alnwick registers, making sure that you are on hold with Shotton Grange.
  • Your ceremony location of your choice will commence.
  • Your daytime reception starts when guests are replenished with delicious canapes and cocktails in the walled garden. You then head to the coach house for the three-course meal or a more decadent feast. Guests are served beverages of their choosing.
  • The evening reception gives you access to the two bars and guests are served pizza or hog roast. You have access to a live DJ and a dance floor, and would be allowed to keep the festivities into the night.

After crashing at your comfortable accommodation spots, you would be served a final dinner before saying heartfelt thanks and goodbyes, before being whisked by your partner into your new life.


What we have on hand

  • A cocktail bar and lounge
  • Our drawing room; has high ceilings and bay windows; ideal for guests staying in the house
  • Our snug room; is warm and homely; ambient inviting lighting with fluffy sofas and armchairs
  • Our coach house; is decorated with exquisite chandeliers and beamed ceilings
  • Our walled garden
Book us today for an amazing wedding experience!

Make memories within our grounds and we can assure you that you would be back for birthdays and baby showers (which we also do).


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